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Hatteras Library

The Dare County Library Foundation was established in 2002 to enhance library services and collections. Library Foundation monies are not used to replace or in any way substitute for funds provided by the County or State to support the Library.

The mission of the Dare County Library Foundation is to improve the quality of services that the Dare County Library provides to the community. By securing resources to support library programs and projects not normally met by public funding, the library can grow and meet the needs of our community.

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Kill Devil Hills Library

The need to grow our endowment fund is greater than ever. After just 10 years, the Dare County Library Foundation is already making a difference allowing the library to upgrade its technology, expand its collection of children’s books, and begin lending eBooks all done at a time of reduced public funding for our libraries. The Dare County Library Foundation is focused on supporting our libraries in these key areas:

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Manteo Library

As an IRS 501c (3) charitable organization, all contributions to the Dare County Library Foundation are tax deductible.  The Dare County Library Foundation has a governing Board of Directors who oversees this endowment fund.  Current economic challenges only add to the importance of needing supplemental funding sources for the library. By contributing to the Dare County Library Foundation you help the Dare County Library and our community grow.


The Dare County Library Foundation recently reaffirmed its commitment to support the Dare County Library's digital library. In 2012, the library began offering eBooks to its customers through the 3M Cloud Library. The first year's platform fee and initial funding for individual eBook titles was from the Library Foundation, no public funds were used. The Library Foundation Board has agreed to again underwrite the second year platform fee for the 3M Cloud Library, which is garnering more and more users each month as new eBook titles are always being added. read more..


"We believe that the Dare County Library can positively impact the lives of people in our community in many ways. As you explore our website, you will discover just a few of the real ways your friends and neighbors have used our public library for their enrichment and personal benefit.

You might not think of the library as a source of reliable health information.

"A woman came into the library was very upset. She had just come from the doctor's office and was told she had a specific health issue. Her doctor did not have time to explain anything to her, only that she was scheduled to see a cardiologist. Staff pulled books for her, and while she looked that information over, staff also sought pertinent information from the American Heart Association website. She left the library in a much more positive frame of mind than when she had come in, and has been coming in (again) to learn more."

- Hatteras Library